25th and 40th anniversary at Amrop

Amrop’s Hungarian office was opened in 1992, shortly after the changes happened in Hungary’s political and economic system. The company celebrated its 25th anniversary in 2017. Amrop Kohlmann & Young has been led by its founders Richard Kohlmann and David Young for more than 18 years. It is unique in Hungary to stay on the market with the same name and leadership among all the changing circumstances.

As Managing Partner David Young summarizes:

”Sometimes we forget where Hungary was 25 years ago and how far it has come during those years. Over this period Amrop has participated in these changes, bringing new talent to companies in need of leadership and strategic vision. The top managers we have placed have played a major role in the modernization of the country and in increasing living standards for many Hungarians. We are proud of these achievements and thankful for the opportunity given us by the earthquake of political change in the late 1980s.”

Richard Kohlmann adds:

“The past 25 years mean a continuous change for me.  Finding the right talents for different positions was an interesting task before. Currently, great leaders try to find new challenge and development opportunities.  We support our candidates in this process, and we help our partners and clients by providing consultancy and professional services. It is a great feeling to get involved in this!”

In addition to the 25th anniversary, 2017 is the year when Amrop global celebrated its 40 year anniversary. Started in 1977, today the company has 77 offices in 50 countries with a global and context driven approach.

As Amrop’s global CEO José Layún summarized: “It is a time to look back, examine the current leadership landscape, and look forward to ‘What’s Next’. From the first two perspectives, it is fair to conclude that the best executive search firms, (and we like to think that Amrop is no exception), have evolved into trusted advisors.”

As Mr. Layún defined the values of Amrop, “Sustainability is a core element of Amrop’s guiding Mission: ‘Shaping sustainable success through inspiring leaders’. It is a defining factor of wise decision-making – something which we believe is set to become a fundamental performance indicator for leaders and organizations going forward.”

Please watch the video on Amrop global’s 4 decades of leadership here!

Amrop global and Amrop Kohlmann & Young look forward to a bright future together with their candidates, clients and colleagues.

5. és 40. évfordulót ünnepel az Amrop - Cikk magyarul